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Talking about your products and services to a global audience requires much more than just word-for-word translation. As the world’s largest provider of language services, Lionbridge Business Process CrowdsourcingSM for translation combines in-market savvy with international scalability to deliver localized communications that resonate across cultures. So when your needs include getting your message across on a global scale, Lionbridge BPC for translation is a perfect fit.

Crowd Translation

Online content – like blogs, product reviews, and other less formal subject matter – can help you penetrate new markets quickly, providing it can be easily understood by your new target audience. Lionbridge BPC for translating user generated content leverages our unique ability to harness the power of our global, multi-lingual crowd to deliver fast, cost-effective translation services. Our flexible crowdsourcing model allows you to tap into a skilled pool of in-country native speakers who can quickly deliver accurate, culturally-nuanced translations of your user generated content.


When selecting a partner to deliver high-quality interpretation services, quality, reliability and accessibility are paramount. Lionbridge offers interpretation services in over 300 languages – including support for rare languages. Our crowd of interpreters is carefully selected and screened to achieve the highest levels of quality. That means we can satisfy your demand for highly-skilled interpreters with unparalleled elasticity. We deliver our Interpretation services on demand via telephone, video or on-site through our self-service internet based scheduling tools.

To read the FAQs about our Telephonic Interpretation offering, click here.

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