Data Services

Clean, Accurate, Relevant, and Timely Information

Despite enormous advances in technology, computers still have problems dealing with some of the basic—yet essential—tasks within the data lifecycle. Lionbridge Business Process Crowdsourcing℠ speeds the time from acquisition to insight by letting you tap into the power of a flexible, secure and massively scalable multilingual workforce that applies human intelligence to problems that are beyond the scope of automated technology. The Lionbridge process eliminates fixed labor costs, making your organization leaner, more flexible and more competitive than ever.


Enterprise Data Flow

Data flows through the enterprise in four main steps:

  1. Data is acquired through various sources such as call center notes, online forms, paper forms, internet feeds, and so on
  2. Data needs to be normalized, put into the appropriate formats, and mapped to the appropriate sources
  3. The data is mined and analytics are performed to gain actionable insights
  4. The data is stored until the loop begins again

Lionbridge BPC Data Services give our clients the power to turn millions of structured and unstructured data sources into clean, accurate, relevant, and timely information. We help our clients acquire and normalize global and multilingual data faster and up to 40% more cost-effectively than traditional models.

Data Acquisition — enhance the value of the data you collect

The value of usable data to your enterprise is clear. But the data being collected is increasingly unstructured and often involves multiple languages, data types and formats, making collection and ingestion a difficult process. Technology and automation play a major role in accelerating the path to data acquisition, but they do not eliminate the need for human intervention. By tapping into the power of the Lionbridge crowd, we can apply human intelligence to data ingestion in a rapid and cost-effective manner.

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    Data and Content Research – For Building Global Data Sets

    When building databases and selling information are your business, Lionbridge can help speed new data acquisition and reduce the cost of goods sold. Our output-based pricing means you only pay for value received, while our sourcing model eliminates fixed costs such as equipment, management, taxes, and facilities. And when your work requires multilingual or international resources, only Lionbridge can rapidly connect you with pre-screened data analysts from around the globe.

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    Data Capture – For Streamlining Seasonal or Time-Consuming Data Entry Tasks

    Lionbridge BPC for data capture combines best-in-class technology with the expertise of a crowd of highly-qualified data conversion specialists who key and confirm your data with 99.99% accuracy and 100% security. Data capture solutions are especially well-suited for data entry or data extraction tasks with seasonal variability or those that are repetitive or time-consuming for your regular staff.

Data Normalization — make your data analytics-ready

Data comes from all types of sources – both structured and unstructured – but analytics systems can’t return valuable insights unless the data is all in the same format. While a large portion of this information can be integrated automatically into massive searchable databases, computer automation has yet to replace human judgment and assessment in every instance. Ultimately, it’s human intelligence driven by the crowd that will help transform these unrelated data sets, allowing enterprises to perform powerful analytics and turn the data into business driving intelligence. Lionbridge BPC for data normalization applies human intelligence to convert all your data into the same format, cleanse it, and map it to the appropriate source. And we can also transcribe audio files, digitize images, and add index tags to data – so your information is normalized and analytics-ready. Specific services include:

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    Cleansing & Validation

    Lionbridge crowd workers carefully combine, de-duplicate, cross-check and validate data sets, making sure that the results are accurate and actionable.

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    Data Enrichment

    We specialize in providing judgments, annotation, research, and attribute extension services to expand and complete your data assets to improve their accuracy and usefulness.

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    Metadata Tagging

    The Lionbridge crowd can handle tedious database metadata tagging and xml-publishing tagging so your internal resources can concentrate on value-added activities.

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    Classification/Machine Learning

    The Lionbridge crowd classifies data attributes, improving taxonomy and search results and enabling machine learning for Voice Recognition systems, automation engines, machine translation engines, or preference engines.

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