Work best suited to Business Process CrowdsourcingSM

Lionbridge BPC delivers high-quality work, faster and in multiple languages, at a lower cost than traditional BPO. But our experience has shown that certain types of tasks are particularly well-suited to deliver the best ROI. These include:

Data Services

Computers still have problems dealing with some of the essential tasks within the data lifecycle. Lionbridge BPC gives you the power to turn millions of structured and unstructured data sources into clean, accurate, relevant and timely information, faster and without the fixed labor costs that are rolled into BPO pricing models.

Global Testing

You need to be sure your new products, applications and online services are going to perform flawlessly worldwide. Lionbridge Global Testing services provide fast access to a rapidly scalable network of experienced testing subject matter experts who can perform in-country, in-market or in-metro testing to ensure usability, connectivity and local transaction capabilities perform seamlessly.

Language Services

Reaching a global audience of consumers requires more than just straight translation services. Are you utilizing the power of your reviews, blogs or tweets? What do you do when you need live telephonic interpretation? As the world’s largest provider of language services, Lionbridge BPC combines in-market savvy with international scalability to deliver localized communications that resonate across cultures.

Using crowdsourcing services is a smart move, but it may require reframing how you think about the work you do. If you break a big job up into bite-sized tasks, you can easily distribute those tasks to the crowd and get them completed quickly, with a high level of quality — all at lower cost.