Business Process Outsourcing is widely used as a means to lower costs while maintaining corporate quality and control over the result. But once the cost benefits of labor arbitrage have been absorbed into the balance sheet and reflected in the budget, it’s time to start looking for new process innovations that will help you keep your edge over the competition.

Lionbridge is revolutionizing the way professional translation services get done, by taking the fundamental principles of traditional BPO and adding the dynamic scalability, global reach and language flexibility of crowdsourcing. This approach drives down costs, enhances performance and drives real business advantage — all through a flexible, cloud-based workforce model. We call this disruptive model Business Process Crowdsourcing℠ (BPC) and it’s all about the expert application of crowdsourcing with the scale and reliability that enterprises demand.

Over the past decade, Lionbridge has sourced, engaged and qualified tens of thousands of experienced online workers into an elite global multilingual workforce that’s selected, screened and managed by the world’s most trusted name in Global Enablement Services. And our BPC solutions provide the scale, structure, governance, security and quality to ensure crowdsourcing works for large enterprises.

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Enterprise Crowdsourcing: Changing the Way Work Gets Done

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