Use Cases

How Can Lionbridge Business Process Crowdsourcing Help You?



Product Managers

Product Managers are tasked with quickly determining if their latest mobile app or tablet device works in every market. Lionbridge BPC eliminates the stress and cost of finding in-market testers by delivering the most comprehensive and rigorous local testing available.

Testing White Paper



In today’s content-driven world, marketers are looking for ways to leverage the power of user-generated content. Lionbridge BPC provides a flexible resource for quickly translating all of this content for a global audience.

User Generated Content Case Study


Customer Service

In today’s global economy, it is imperative for Customer Service Managers to provide full service options to all their customers, including non-English or Limited English Proficient speakers. Effective multilingual communication is critical when dealing with individual customer needs. Lionbridge has provided on-demand, high-quality telephonic interpretation for over a quarter century.

Telephonic Interpretation Brief


Content/Data Strategists

Content and data strategists play a key role for data aggregators, but can struggle with the sheer volume of tasks around data acquisition and the enrichment required for data sets to deliver real differentiation and value. Lionbridge BPC gives you on-demand access to multilingual researchers around the world and frees you from costly and inflexible traditional staffing models.

Regulatory Monitoring Case Study


Operations Managers

Fluctuating workloads can present real headaches for operations managers. Lionbridge BPC strips away both staffing challenges and contingent labor costs, giving you scalable data management resources only when you need them.

Louisiana Case Study

Pennsylvania Case Study



CIOS and CTOs are under enormous pressure to automate, normalize and ingest Big Data into their workflows so that it can be leveraged for analytics. Lionbridge BPC lets you take advantage of a highly elastic and flexible staffing model to help address the Big Data challenge and train automation engines across any language.

Lionbridge Data Services Brief