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AboutPage_imageThe World’s Most Trusted Name In Global Enablement Services

Lionbridge Business Process Crowdsourcing℠ is part of our commitment to help our customers master global customer enablement by bringing them the next generation of enterprise outsourcing.

Lionbridge BPC leverages a secure, enterprise-scale global crowdsourcing model to help you increase productivity, maximize workforce elasticity and reduce workforce costs. And we make it simple by offering fully managed crowdsourcing solutions, with all the project management, risk mitigation, security, quality assurance and SLAs that enterprises require.

Our proprietary cloud-based technology platform provides an innovative and secure solution to manage transformative workflows to quickly drive high-quality results. This platform, combined with our global crowd of more than 100,000 educated, pre-qualified professionals, provides a robust crowdsourcing solution that meets enterprise demands for cost, performance, quality and security.

Enterprise Crowdsourcing: Changing the Way Work Gets Done

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The Crowd in the Cloud (White Paper)

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Why Crowdsourcing is the New Outsourcing

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